Innovation of Remote Control

The patent registered tvlet's remote control App is the best combination for controlling tvlet. The most convenient & easiest interface that goes beyond traditional remote controller offers richer usage of tvlet.

Intuitive touch-pad 

Tired of numerous key buttons on remote controller? 

From now on, just use the most intuitive touch pad to control tvlet~

· Most familiar touch-pad!

· Instant response 

· Simple & intuitive control

Simple & quick Search for contents you like to enjoy 

Are you still using tiny keyboard on TV remote controller?

Use your most familiar smart phone key board to search contents 

· Texting & searching by using smart phone keyboard

· Fast, simple, & familiar

· Even chatting with host while watching interactive contents!

Intuitive short-cut support

Just press hot-key to run applications 

· Instant application execution 

· User friendly icon layout

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